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BjornQorn Ruby 6-Pack (3oz)

BjornQorn Ruby 6-Pack (3oz)

$ 36.00

Introducing our new seasonal limited edition flavor, BjornQorn Ruby!  Our friends over at Ruby Hibiscus Water showed us the wonders of their hibiscus extract, and then we accidentally dumped it all over our popcorn. Whoops! But hold on.. i think we have something here.. The tanginess went through the roof, and with a salty bite we were seeing red. It was like a salt and vinegar chip in a flamin' hot cheeto costume. 


Available direct from and as well as Whole Foods Markets in the northeast region till supply runs out. 

We really don't have a lot of these folks, so go easy.
6 3oz bags per box

Kosher Certified! By MK Kosher

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