Why Solar?

Our facility generates all the energy it needs to make our popcorn, and its production scales up as we grow. We believe its important to build energy independence and environmental awareness into the foundation of any business. Solar panels aren't just great for homeowners, but commercial facilities, too. Not only do they help a company's bottom line in the long term, their payoff rates are under 10 years now. Future occupants of our space will get the same great benefit and continue that same benefit to the environment. 
solar basin

Solar Thermal Research

We began our popcorn business using these giant hemispheric cookers at Kelder's farm in the Hudson Valley. We retired them from our production process in 2017 when we moved to our current solar electric barn. But we continue researching their applications and look for ways to make them as cheap and accessible to the world as they should be. Jamie is currently testing a trough style solar oven at our facility with more tests being done in the southwest of the United States.