Bulk MN Popcorn!!

A long time project of ours has been building the infrastructure to be able to receive bulk loads of popcorn from my family farm in Minnesota. This past week saw that project come to fruition. 


This is a rear dump tractor trailer that my father filled from our bin in Minnesota. It held in total 53,660 pound of popcorn, or 958 bushels. We dumped it into a 50 ft grain auger that lifted it up and poured into our new grain bin.

This bin can hold over 3 bulk loads, maxing out at 3000 bushels.  It can dry a new crop down with forced air from below the false floor. Then we auger out of the bin into our new grain cleaning facility to prepare the popcorn for production. I'll post more images of that full process soon once we get all the machines in place

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