New Flavors Have Arrived!

At long last our newest flavors Cloudy and Spicy have hit the shelves! It's been a blast being a one flavor company all these six years. It would not have worked without such a great single flavor offering (thank you Classic!), but I also think everyone involved relished the arrogance of it. I remember soliciting advice early on from a co-packer about how to setup a commercial food facility. When I told him what we were planning to do he scoffed and said, "You can't run a commercial facility with a single product!". He also added "I don't eat the shit I make!"

We will never be a company that folds to the temptation to cover popcorn in whatever we can think of. Popcorn in particular has been violated in this way for much too long. So keep the word 'drizzle' away from me please. That said we were always open to flavors that we could have a close personal relationship with. Cloudy Qorn is certainly that.

During our solar thermal popping days we were sometimes interrupted by a sneaky cloud that unsuspectingly made its way across the sun at the very wrong time. This dropped the power to our kettle instantly and the batch would run far too long leaving behind a bright white exterior and a dark interior. This was overdone for our Classic flavor but we would still salt and squirrel it away for ourselves. That slow roasted flavor was so delicious! We knew it was going to be in the cards for our future. 

Now meet Spicy:

Spicy is an iteration of our Classic. A while back I stumbled on a spice that matched exceptionally well with our nutritional yeast seasoning.  We kept it around to sprinkle on our BjornQorn as needed, just to get a little kick. Spiciness is a voluntary discomfort. It's a ticket to irritation in truth. But I don't have to convince you why we still buy in. Some do it for the thrill, a high, a simple change of pace, or a necessary profile to complete a beloved dish. Any of that can be said for our new flavor as well.  I couldn't be happier to share it.

So thanks for your interest and I hope you like the new flavors! They will be available on our website starting on Friday March 8th 2019. Join our mailing list for future discounts on such events!


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