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We've been working on a creative way to get people involved in our big project at Skate Time roller rink. The enthusiasm has been palpable to say the least. If you don't know much about this special project yet, you can read a bit about it in the New York Times. 

So we've put together a private debt offering organized on Regulation D Rule 506(c) under the Securities Act of 1933. This particular type of offering allows us to reach out beyond those we directly know and enables any accredited investor to get involved should they wish to. 

To facilitate this, we have partnered with a service called InvestNext which hosts the offering and manages investment collection, payment, and tax filings in one streamlined system. It also helps you determine your accreditation status and serves as a place to view our documents and your communications with us. Give it a look!  Its free to browse.

This is no Go Fund Me or Kickstarter pitch. This is a real way to earn a return on your investment and put your money in a place where it can do good work. You could think of it as a sort of 'bond'.

Minimum investment is 25k, return is 5% over 5 years with an additional annual solar dividend to sweeten the pot. We want to keep this to a small group!  There will be plenty of perks along the way. Black VIP hat anyone?..  So strap on your skates and become a part of our inner circle at the future Roller Rink Popcorn Factory in Accord, NY. 

Direct portal link is here >

Message me with any questions! I'm happy to connect and provide more context. You can use the messaging popup on our website, lower right corner, and you'll hear back from me soon.

With regards,

Bjorn Quenemoen

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